About Us

Your Wedding is so personal and unique.

Olosiva Wedding Planners is one of Tanzanian premiere wedding coordination companies.

With over 16 years wedding experience you can trust us to bring together the most creative, skilled and talented resources to bring your event to life. We help brides in all areas of wedding planning and coordinating, from beginning to end. We are here to help plan your perfect wedding or event.

From the smallest budget, to the endless budget, we can help.

You have always dreamed of your wedding, what you would look like, how pretty you will be, will your father cry, will you be able to talk, and how your future husband will look at you, when he first catches a glimpse at you in your wedding dress.

This is all you should have to worry about, not if your cake is going to get there on time or what do the flowers look like. That is where we come in. Now that the day is fast approaching, let Olosiva Wedding Planners take the stress out of your event.