Welcome To Ngorongoro Adventures
About a decade ago, an African family desired to share their heritage and the world around them with the global family. Having successfully managed other successful businesses they set up a company that will be in the fore in the conservation and the sharing of the African flora and fauna.

That is how a company was incorporated and registered with Tanzania Tourism Association reference number 2865 with its base in Arusha so that it would organize safaris to the national parks so that those from other countries can experience walks in the African bush, climb the tallest mountain in Africa, photograph the big five but also encounter the small five and after all that take a dive in one of the pristine African coral beaches.

Ngorongoro Adventures offers tailor made safaris to both the returning visitor or to those who have always wanted to visit East Africa, the “cradle of mankind”.

The main focus of the company is to engage in sustainable tourism such that the carbon footprint left by the visitor is minimal and not a liability to the future generations. We offer multiple services depending on the needs of our clients. From the mountain climbing enthusiasts to those longing for a dive in the unspoilt beaches of Zanzibar, read more...........